Preparing for AI’s Role in 2024’s Global Elections: Insights from Kat Duffy and Yoel Roth


Kat Duffy and Yoel Roth explore AI’s Role in 2024’s Global Elections. They talk about how AI capabilities like deepfakes, microtargeting, and automated content generation could supercharge disinformation campaigns and sow distrust in democratic processes. They note the challenges of a largely unregulated AI landscape intersecting with existing threats like foreign interference, domestic extremism, and eroding local journalism. While acknowledging AI’s potential positive applications like faster fact-checking, their primary concern is how AI could confuse voters, polarize societies into “bespoke realities,” and ultimately undermine public faith in election integrity.

Discussion Points:


What risks and challenges occur when a new emerging technology first appears on the market?

  • Consider what it means when there are no norms established for new tech.

              Timestamp | 00:00 – 6:24


How can mis and disinformation cast doubt on the electoral process and consequently undermine democracy?

  • Give examples of how falsehoods have reduced trust in the political process.

              Timestamp | 06:24 – 13:40


How has AI impacted elections in different countries?

  • Give examples of how the technology is being used to create distrust.

              Timestamp | 06:24 – 13:40


How has the way we consume media become fragmented and how does that sow division between people?

  • Explore the concept of “bespoke realites”.

              Timestamp | 13:40 – 17:35


What are the implications of having access to affordable, rapidly improving AI tools when it comes to spreading disinformation?

  • Explore how these changes in technology can affect people’s ability to identify disinformation.

              Timestamp | 17:35 – 20:30


What is one of the main motivators for average people to spread disinformation?

  • Explain how the economic incentives work for content creators.

              Timestamp | 17:35 – 21:22


How can cutbacks in social media content moderation affect the battle against misinformation?

  • Also, think about the impact of more disinformation spreading across social media platforms.

              Timestamp | 21:22 – 27:20


What are some of the beneficial uses of AI?

  • Look at the ways it is being used to fight misinformation.

              Timestamp | 27:20 – 31:28