How AI Deepfakes Could Undermine Elections | Catharine Tunney, CBC News


Catharine Tunney from CBC News explores the influence of AI-generated deepfakes on elections. The news item engages the audience in a game of discernment, challenging them to identify real and altered videos. As AI technology advances, concern grows about its potential to manipulate public perception, particularly in a highly partisan political landscape. Tunney looks into the potential threat to democracy, emphasizing the ease with which deepfakes can be created and the susceptibility of individuals to fall for manipulated content. The piece raises crucial questions about trust, the speed of information dissemination, and the readiness of nations like Canada to face the challenges of a deepfake-ridden election.

Discussion Points:


How does partisanship contribute to the effectiveness of disinformation campaigns?

  • Reflect on how anger can impact on the success of disinformation.

              Timestamp | 00:00 – 02:37


Why do deep fake videos continue to have an impact even if they are later corrected or disproven?

  • Consider what would be necessary to change a person’s mind once they have been led to believe something that is untrue.

              Timestamp | 2:37 – 7:07


What actions should be taken to address the deepfake dilemma during an election cycle?

  • Research the limitations of current technological solutions and the need for public education on the subject of mis and disinformation.

              Timestamp | Final Thoughts