Truth in the Deepfake Era: The Rising Threat of AI-Generated Misinformation | Forbes


This Forbes video discusses the looming threat of AI-generated misinformation to global elections and news integrity in 2024. With over 4 billion people expected to participate in elections worldwide, the proliferation of deepfake news poses a significant challenge. The video segment emphasizes the importance of critical thinking, source evaluation, and media literacy in navigating the increasingly complex online information landscape.

Discussion Points:


According to Hany Farid, what are the three main contributing factors to the prevalence of deepfakes today?

  • After listing the contributing factors, elaborate on how social media companies are helping in the spread of fake content.

              Timestamp | 00:00 – 04:08


Describe the proactive and reactive techniques employed to detect manipulated media.

  • Consider the effectiveness of each approach.

              Timestamp | 04:08 – 06:20


What are the possible repercussions when deepfake news segments receive more views on social media than the actual verified news outlet’s posts.

  • Consider how this affects what larger society believes about a particular event.

              Timestamp | 06:20 – 08:50


Do you think that over time we may become less vulnerable to deepfakes? If so, why?

  • Consider how exposure can play a role in this.

              Timestamp | 08:50 – 11:00


Describe what is at stake when it comes to deepfakes and elections.

  • Consider the number of votes between a winning candidate and a losing candidate.

              Timestamp | 11:00 – 12:12


In what ways is deepfake technology a double edged sword?

  • Explore ways that it can be used to deny truth.

              Timestamp | 12:12 – 13:47


What are some things to look out for when discerning truthful from misleading content?

  • Identify three things to pay attention to.

              Timestamp | 13:47 – 14:42


In your view, how will we learn to identify misinformation more effectively in the coming years?

  • Consider the role of technology companies, regulatory bodies and society when answering the question.

              Timestamp | Final thoughts