This is a website for understanding misinformation and disinformation. It aims to provide a central hub for curated content and resources on mis and disinformation. The objective of the website is to assist individuals in developing a foundational understanding of these concepts. We want to provide visitors with a useful platform that facilitates learning and critical thinking as they pursue fact-based knowledge. Here’s what you need to know about the website:

  • Resources such as blogs, news articles, videos, academic papers, and podcasts are curated through web searches.
  • The platform is not limited to passive consumption. Each curated entry features Discussion Points to encourage active engagement and deeper exploration of the topic.
  • Visitors are encouraged to share their thoughts and respond to the discussion prompts in the comments section. Look for the speech bubble on each article.
  • MISnDIS wishes to avoid misinformation. We encourage visitors to report any inaccuracies via the contact form. We pledge to investigate and address such issues promptly.
  • MISnDIS also features an evolving Resources page, a collection of links from reputable sources dedicated to media literacy.
  • MISnDIS uses artificial intelligence to assist with idea generation, summarizing information in the research stage to help understand broad concepts, correct spelling and grammar issues, and improve sentence structure.
  • MISnDIS is envisioned as an evolving platform. We are committed to updating the archive with quality links. Visitors are invited to contribute by submitting relevant media links through the provided form. We hope this collaboration will grow the repository of information on mis and disinformation.
  • Brian Rougeau, a former media professional, created and updates this website. Links are added roughly two to four times per month.